Our mandate is a stylish, sustainable, positive, authentic, ethical and green life . At the core of what we do: inspire better and smarter living by sharing beautiful stories and ideas.

We have big plans and are very excited by the welcome from our readers and opportunities developing!

Hemisphere Kids is actively developing a niche market within positive or green living, one that revolves around style and celebration.

We welcome the opportunity to work with brands whose products communicate fabulously the relationship between style and sustainability.

We set aside only a limited number of pages within the magazine for advertising space because we want you to stand out !We want our readers to love the ads in Hemisphere Kids so they should match the journey of discovery they are looking for.

It is very important to us to work with our ad partners – rather than just placing an advertisement on a platform so we want to know what your goals are and how Hemisphere kids can help. Our multimedia and bilingual approach allows us to bridge the gap between print and dynamic online content (social networks ,videos, podcasts etc)We have a variety of strategies that can help and do this …all designed to enhance your experience as a partner of Hemisphere Kids.

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